Pauls Quiz 21

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1. Kurt Cobain is now the richest dead musician in the world - who was number one before him?

2. +/- 200,000,000 how many people are starving in the world, according to the United Nations?

3. According to Fortune magazine, which two toys are the most popular of all time?

4. The following words are from which famous song:
    "I have met my destiny in quite a similar way"

5. What is the Chinese word for FRIED? Four letters

6. How were most of the wealthy women who were sentenced to death 'executed' in the middle ages?

7. What are the three busiest international airports in the world?

8. The following words are the first words to which famous song? Who wrote and produced it?
    "You took a mystery and made me want it "

9. The last country the national socialists declared war on on the 3rd of March 1945 was;
    a: Hawaii, b: Andorra, c: The Vatican or d: Finland ?

10. Eugene Cernan was the last man to do what on the 14th of December 1972?


1. Elvis Presley

2. 820,000,000

3. Barbie and the Hula Hoop

4. Waterloo - Abba


6. Buried alive

7. Heathrow, Tokyo and Frankfurt am Main

8. Diana Ross - Chain Reaction, written and produced by the BeeGees.

9. d: Finland

10. Walk on the moon


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