Pauls Quiz 25

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1. In which Sci-Fi films would you find the following characters:
    a: Pygar, 
    b: Gort, 
    c: Triffids

2. Which Frank Sinatra song has been banned in some US hospitals?

3. Monte Cassino, Melk Cluny and dGa-idan are all examples of what?

4. What colour is PATINA?

5. The following are all European words for football, name the language:
    a: Jalkapallo, 
    b: Podos Fairo, 
    c: Voetbal, 
    d: Pilka Nozna

6. What are Matroschkas?

7. Nina Myers is a very evil woman in which TV series?

8. True or False, Only women can have cellulite.

9. In Which films does the actor Daniel Craig:
    a: Kill for her Majesty
    b: Try to kill her Majesty?

10. When is it possible to eat breath?


1. Three Answers:
    a: Barbarella, 
    b: The Day the Earth Stood Still, 
    c: Day of the Triffids (Many thanks to Steve for correcting this answer.)

2. My Way

3. Klosters / Abbeys

4. Green

5. Four answers:
    a: Finnish, 
    b: Greek, 
    c: Dutch, 
    d: Polish

6. Russian dolls inside dolls

7. 24

8. True

9. Two answers:
    a: Casino Royale, 
    b: Elizabeth

10. When it is souffle (= breath)


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