Pauls Quiz 26

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1. Which animal occupies the lowest branch on the animal family tree? (hint: we all have one at home)

2. In which two top ten hit songs do the following words appear:
    "Just a poor boy"?

3. Which famous European building is the Arabic word for "The Red"?

4. Since the very beginning of the Champions League until the end of 2006, which player has scored the most goals?

5. UNST, YELL, VIS, LEFKADA and PANTALLARIA are all examples of what in Europe?

6. In 1998, the most expensive German footballer who did not play in the Bundesliga was whom?

7. Which two actors played the role of Austin Powers in the movie "Goldmember"?

8. The name of which European country stems from the Germanic word for 'Foreign'?

9. Name the six most populated cities in the world that end in the letter "A"

10. The following words are from which famous song (bonus point: who originally recorded it?):
    "You're trying to make your mark in society using all the tricks that you used on me"


1. Sponge

2. The Boxer / Bohemian Rhapsody

3. Alhambra

4. Raul (Gonzales)

5. Islands

6. Oliver Bierhoff

7. Mike Myers and Tom Cruise

8. Wales

9. Six Answers

10. Stepping Stone (originally by the Monkees, later covered by the Sex Pistols, the Farm amongst others)


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