Pauls Quiz 27

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1. The following words are the first words to which famous songs:
    a: Move yourself
    b: Stuck inside these four walls
    c: You need coolin baby
    d: It's astounding

2. Plus or minus two, How many bones are there in the human body?

3. Since the beginning of the Bundesliga in Germany, which three teams have spent the most days at the top of the league?

4. VISTULA is a river that runs through which European capital city?

5. Where would one find the mountains IDA and DICTI?

6. Which woman has received the most amount of Golden Raspberries for being the Worst Actress?

7. What is the KISSA CHA NO YU?

8. Which famous board 'game' is a combination of a French word and a German word?

9. In which two sci-fi films would you find the character Dr. Heywood Floyd?

10. The letters EAN can be found on products in Europe. What do the letters EAN stand for?


1. Four Answers
    a: Owner of a lonely heart (Yes),
    b: Band on the run (Wings), 
    c: Whole lotta love (Led Zeppelin), 
    d: The timewarp (Rocky Horror Picture Show)

2. 206

3. Bayern Munich, Werder Bremen and Moenchengladbach

4. Warsaw (Poland)

5. Crete (Greece)

6. Madonna

7. A Japanese Tea Party

8. OUIJA board

9. 2001 and 2010 (Space Odyssey series)

10. European Article Number


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