Pauls Quiz 29

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1. Since the beginning of the Premier League in England, which two players have scored the most goals?

2. SOCCUS in ancient Greece was a 
    a: Woman's Shoe,    b: Woman's Skirt  or    c: Woman's Shall?

3. What is the name of the cult film / movie in which Bambi actually dies? (hint: it is about 3 minutes long)

4. Which simple device did George Eastman invent?

5. Which edible product can be found in a number on hit, a dance and a band name?

6. What are the two gangs in the musical West Side Story?

7. Which three European countries have the shortest coastline?


9. What is the liquid in a one-cell organism called?

10. The following lyrics are from which famous song?
    "You used to think that it was so easy, you used to say that it was so easy"


1. Alan Shearer and Andy Cole

2. a: Woman's Shoe

3. Bambi meets Gozilla

4. The Koadk-Eastman camera

5. Ketchup

6. The Sharks and The Jets

7. Slovenia, Bosnia Herzigovena and Monaco

8. Drilling a hole into the head - in order to let the pressure out!

9. Plasma

10. (Gerry Rafferty) - Baker Street


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