Pauls Quiz 30

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1. When one lifts 75kg upwards one metre in one second, it is equivalent of what?

2. What does one need to have in order to read many of Leonardo Di Vinci's manuscripts?

3. In the USA, what is the most common cause of death to pregnant women?

4. Complete the following lyrics with the title of a famous song:
    "If you're ready for me boy, you better"...

5. A breed of dogs used by Eskimos, 8 letters and the second is an 'A'

6. How were ABBA paid for their albums that sold in the Soviet Union?

7. Which heroes body was perserved in a barrel of brandy for three months?

8. What are the stage names of the following two 60's superstars?
    a: Robert Zimmerman    b: Lesley Hornby

9. In which direction did Mohammed pray?

10. The following lyrics are the first words in which famous song?
    "I try to discover a little something to make me sweeter "
    (next line is "Oh baby refrain from breaking my heart" - if you feel the line above is too tough)


1. 1 Horse Power

2. A Mirror

3. Murder - Usually murdered by their partner (according to CSI Las Vegas)

4. Push the Button (Sugababes)


6. Paid in Caviar

7. Nelson (Horatio)

8. a: Bob Dylan, b: Twiggy

9. Towards Jerusalem

10. (Erasure) - A little resepct


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