Pauls Quiz 32

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1. Which footballer, who was a goalkeeper for his country, was once arrested for kidnapping?

2. More than 50% of all men on Corfu have which first name? 5 Letters.

3. The Americans entered World War I after the sinking of which passenger ship?

4. Who has yellow shoes, red shorts and white gloves?

5. Name five song titles from the Beatles AND Wings (so, 5 in total) containing the word "Bird".

6. Which country has the southernmost city in the world?

7. What is a moonbow?

8. According to the Global Peace Index, what is the: 
    a: most dangerous country in the world
    b: friendliest / safest country in the world?

9. What do the following oriental words mean?
    a: Jatagan    
    b: Hamman    
    c: Nargileh    
    d: Schalwar

10. The following words are from which famous song?
    "Last night a little dancer came dancin to my door. Last night a little angel came pumping on the floor. She said a come baby, Ive got a license for love and if it expires, pray help from above, because "


1. Rene Higuita (Columbia)


3. The Lucitania

4. Mickey Mouse

5. Three Answers:
    i: Free as a bird, blackbird, 
    ii: And your bird can sing, bluebird (Wings) and 
    iii: Norwegian wood (Thisbird has flown).

6. Chile

7. A rainbow from moonlight

8. Two Answers:
    a: Iraq
    b: Norway

9. Four Answers
    a: Sword, 
    b: Bathhouse, 
    c: Water pipe, 
    d: Ladies trousers

10. (Billy Idol) - Rebel Yell


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