Pauls Quiz 34

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1. The Japanese word for HOORAH - 6 letters

2. True or False: if you are certified crazy, you can still be the US President.

3. In which popular films would you find the following characters:
    a: Sandy Olson
    b: T. E. Lawrence
    c: Pu Yi
    d: Ashley Wilkes
    e: Rick Blane
    f: Sick Boy

4. What does the moon look like in "That's Amore"?

5. Ceylon was a colony of which three countries?

6. "One day my Dad said find someone new, I had to tell my Jimmy we're through" - name the song

7. Where in the USA do the largest vegetables grow? (hint: think about sunlight)


9. The following words are the first words to which song:
    "Wanna tell you a story 'bout a woman I know"?

10. What did Wordsworth smell?


1. Banzai! The dirctionary definition tells us that Banzai! (with the exclamation mark) means "A cry or cheer of enthusiasm, or to celebrate victory". The phrase literally translates as "ten thousand years". "Ten thousand" in Chinese numerals, which is a separate unit just like "hundred" and "thousand" are in English, has a connotation of infinity, innumerability, similar to the Greek myriad. It is often translated into English as "Long live!" although it has connotations that are not present in the English phrase.

2. True

3. Six Answers:
    a: Grease, 
    b: Lawrence of Arabia, 
    c: The Last Emporer, 
    d: Gone with the wind, 
    e: Casablanca, 
    f: Trainspotting

4. Pizza Pie

5. Great Britain, Holland/Netherlands and Portugal

6. The Leader of the Pack

7. Alaska

8. Someone who studies the Moon

9. Whole lot of Rosie - (ACDC)Wanna tell you a story
'Bout a woman I know
When it comes to lovin'
Oh, she steals the show
She ain't exactly pretty
She ain't exaclty small
You could say she's got it ALL!!

10. Nothing - William Wordsworth was Anosmic, meaning he could not smell anything


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