Pauls Quiz 35

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1. Complete the name of the theory in Physics, Schrodinger's ____

2. With the exception of Lucifer, name the five  historical figures in the song "Sympathy for the Devil" by the Rolling Stones.

3. Which figure is part of the Christmas crib in Catalonia but nowhere else in the world?

4. What are the first six words in Abba's "Dancing Queen"?

5. The following song lyrics are from which song:
    "Don't want to see you let a good thing slip away, You know I don't like watching anybody make the same mistakes I made"?

6. Which alcohol, first created in 1650, is made by combining grain alcohol and juniper?

7. A pear from China, 5 letters

8. Apart from the obvious, between 1962 and 1986, for what purpose was the Glienicke bridge used?

9. What is the most populated city north of the arctic circle?

10. What is a cosmic year?


1. Cat

2. Jesus Christ, Pilate, Kennedy(s), Czar, Anastasia.

3. A man/boy defficating/excreting/squatting (the figure is called Caganer - which is where the term Cack/kaka in many languages stems)

4. You can dance, you can jive

5. Tell her about it - (Billy Joel)

6. Gin


8. Spy exchange

9. Murmansk

10. Paul tells us that a cosmic year is the time the sun takes to revolve around the centre of the Milkyway.

Wikipedia gives the answer as: "The Cosmic Year is a scale in which the lifetime of the universe is mapped onto a calendrical year; that is to say, the Big Bang took place on a cosmic January 1 at precisely midnight, and today's date and time is December 31 at midnight. On this calendar, the solar system did not appear until September 9, life on Earth arose on September 30, the first dinosaurs appeared on December 25 and the first primates on December 30. Early Homo sapiens did not arrive until ten minutes before midnight on December 31, and all of human history has been recorded in the last 21 seconds. On this timescale, an average human life is about 0.15 seconds. The scale was popularized by Carl Sagan in his book The Dragons of Eden and on the television series Cosmos, which he hosted."


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