Pauls Quiz 36

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1. Which two countries outside of Germany are the two most popular tourist destinations for German tourists?

2. "Making love to his tonic and gin" are words from which famous song?

3. With which band does one associate Jason Orange?

4. In 2007, Roger Federer tied which man's record - 160 weeks ranked number one in the world?

5. Which sport contradicts the expression; never throw stones at glass houses?

6. The medical word "DOLENT" means what? (hint: the opposite is INDOLENT)

7. In the film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" Bond gets married. What was his wife's first name?

8. What was the old name for Paris?

9. What were the two previous names for Istanbul?

10. Until around 1800, what was the second biggest killer of women in Great Britian?


1. Austria and Italy

2. Piano Man - (Billy Joel)

3. Take That

4. Jimmy Conners

5. Curling

6. Painful or in pain

7. Two possible answers: Theresa or Tracy

8. Lutetia

9. Constantinople and Byzantium

10: Cooking - Often, the dresses of women would catch fire whilst cooking. The biggest killer was of course, childbirth.


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