Pauls Quiz 44

Posted in general knowledge

1. Which country won the first European football championships in 1960?

2. What does one find in a book called GRIMOIRE?

3. Which 3 word battle cry from Winston Churchill is also a film title?

4. Name the ten most popular countries for tourists (to visit)

5. Name the two weapon systems of the Enterprise in the original TV series.

6. True or false: in Texas it is illegal to own more than six vibrators?

7. The following words are from which famous song:
    "Ill shine up the old brown shoes, put on a brand-new shirt. Ill get home early from work if you say that you love me. "

8. 5 letters, a giant of classical mythology. (third letter is an "I")

9. In which French colony was an atom bomb tested in 1960?

10. Antonio Moniz was awarded the Nobel prize for successfully performing and perfecting which cruel operation in Portugal?


1. The Soviet Union

2. Black Magic spells

3. "Sink the Bismark"

4. France, Spain, USA, China, Italy, UK, Mexico, Germany, Turkey and Austria (in no particular order)

5. Photon torpedos and phasers

6. True

7. I want you to want me (Cheap Trick)


9. Algeria

10. Frontal Lobotomy


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