Pauls Quiz 421

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1. American pathologist Thomas Harvey stole which man's brain on April 18, 1955?

2. The movie poster tag line for which controversial 1979 film was "So funny it was banned in Norway"?

3. Which very fragrant and colourful spring flower is named after a beautiful young man in Greek mythology who was murdered by the jealous west wind god Zephyrus?

4. Which two capital cities are found either side of the River Plate (Rio de la Plata)?

5. How many engines did (or does) each of the following commercial jet aircraft have? One point for each correct answer.
a. Airbus A340  b. Boeing 777  c. McDonnell Douglas DC10  d. MD11  e. Douglas DC8  f. Boeing 707

6. Which year was a hit song for Paul McCartney and Wings in 1974?

7. The name of which national airline is derived from the Arabic word for "union"?

8. Plus or minus 25, how many Popes have there been?

9. Which book and film ends with the words "The old man was dreaming about the lions."?

10. In which city were each of the following people murdered?
a. Mahatma Gandhi
b. Martin Luther King
c. Leon Trotsky
d. Archduke Franz Ferdinand

11. Which world record did Bob Beamon break at the 1968 Summer Olympic Games and continue to hold for the next 23 years?

12. According to Forbes, who is the wealthiest female music artist?
a. Rihanna,  b. Madonna,  c. Dolly Parton,  d. Shania Twain

13. Who was the first female American astronaut?

14. Whch shipwreck did Robert Ballard find in 1989, four years after discovering the Titanic?

15. The 'Wiki' in Wikipedia stems from the Hawaiian "wikiwiki". What does it mean?

16. Which large intimidating man was a number 1 hit song in the US (number 2 in the UK) for Jimmy Dean?

17. Name the film in which George Clooney played each of the following roles. One point for each correct answer.
a. Chris Kelvin
b. Seth Gecko
c. Billy 'Skip' Tyne
d. Ulysses Everett McGill

18. Which four island nations in the world begin with the letter 'T'?

19. Which hit song begins with the words "I took my troubles down to Madame Rue"?

20. In which controversial film does the narrator speak in a slang called Nadsat?


1. Albert Einstein's

2. Monty Python's Life Of Brian

3. Hyacinth

4. Buenos Aires and Montevideo

5. Eight answers. a. four  b. two  c. three  d. three  e. four  f. four

6. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five

7. Etihad

8. 266

9. The Old Man And The Sea

10. Four answers.
a. New Delhi
b. Memphis
c. Mexico City
d. Sarajevo

11. Long jump

12. Answer a. Rihanna

13. Sally Ride

14. Bismarck

15. Fast (swift etc)

16. Big Bad John

17. Four answers.
a. Solaris
b. From Dusk Till Dawn
c. The Perfect Storm
d. Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

18. Taiwan, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Tuvalu.

19. Love Potion Number 9

20. A Clockwork Orange

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