Pauls Quiz 422

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1. Which evil character was born somewhere near the Caspian Sea on the 6th October, 1005 BC and died in New York City in 1985 AD?

2. According to, which of the following has been the cause of the majority of commercial aviation accidents since 1950?
a. mechanical failure,  b. weather,  c. sabotage,  d. pilot error

3. Which 1982 John Carpenter film has an all male cast?

4. Plus or minus 4, in which year was Hip Hop born?

5. What was the Hoover Dam called from 1933 until 30 April, 1947?

6. Irenology takes its name from the Greek goddess Eirene. What is irenology the study of?

7. Which European capital was bombed by the Luftwaffe in April 1941, the RAF and USAF in April 1944, and NATO in May 1999?

8. The term Grand Poohbah stems from which 1885 comic opera?

9. Soju is the most popular alcoholic beverage in which country?

10. With eight words, what is the longest James Bond theme song title?

11. The Millennium Prize, worth one million US dollars, is awarded to anyone who can solve specific problems in which field?

12. Queen Scheherazade is the story teller and narrator of what?

13. Who had a number one album in the UK music charts with each of the following? One point for each correct answer.
a. 18
b. 8701
c. 1
d. 13
e. 1977
f. 1982 (or 1+9+8+2)

14. What is the largest species of dolphin?

15. Which films based on a Stephen King book starred?
a. Pierce Brosnan
b. Arnold Schwarzenegger 

16. Which of the following Boeing's is the best selling commercial jet airliner in the world?
a. 737,  b. 747,  c. 757,  d. 777

17. The capital of a British Dominion until 1949, which city is considered by many to be the oldest English-founded city in North America?

18. What kind of 'drive' does one associate with Zefram Cochrane?

19. Which of the following holds the record as the youngest winner of the US Open Women's singles title?
a. Chris Evert,  b. Tracy Austin,  c. Monica Seles,  d. Stefi Graf

20. Which British musician had a guest role playing a deranged FBI agent in Twin Peaks?


1. Kurgan (Highlander film)

2. Answer d. pilot error (32%)

3. The Thing

4. 1973

5. Boulder Dam

6. Peace

7. Belgrade

8. The Mikado

9. South Korea

10. We Have All The Time In The World (Louis Armstrong)

11. Mathematics

12. One Thousand And One Nights

13. Six answers.
a. Moby
b. Usher
c. The Beatles
d. Blur
e. Ash
f. Status Quo

14. The Orca (Killer Whale)

15. Two answers.
a. The Lawnmower Man
b. The Running Man

16. Answer a. 737

17. St John's (Newfoundland)

18. Warp Drive (human inventor in Star Trek)

19. Answer b. Tracy Austin (16 years 8 month)

20. David Bowie

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