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1. Which 19th century defeat turned into a resounding victory in Brighton England on the 6th of April, 1974?

2. Until 1911, Chinese males had to wear what as a symbol of submission?

3. In which hit song from the mid 70s (No. 1 USA, No. 7 UK) would you find all of the following?
'Go-cart Mozart', 'New mown chaperone', 'Silicone sister', 'Madman drummers' and a 'Brimstone baritone anti cyclone rolling stone preacher'.

4. What is Harry Potter's favourite kind of beer?

5. As of 2015, plus or minus 60 minutes, what is the record time for the fastest cross channel swim? (Dover to Cap Gris Nez)

6. What are the vast lowland plains in Argentina called?

7. Name the two hit songs from the Bee Gees with an east coast US state in the song title. One point for each correct answer.

8. The world's largest nocturnal primate, the Aye Aye, is native to which country?

9. What is the name given to a dictionary that explains the history and origin of words?

10. What is the name of the salt flats near the Great Salt lake in Utah where land speed records were broken?


1. Waterloo (ABBA wins the 1974 Eurovision contest with the song 'Waterloo') The Battle of Waterloo was fought on Sunday, 18 June 1815, near Waterloo in present-day Belgium, then part of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. A French army under the command of Napoleon was defeated by two of the armies of the Seventh Coalition: an Anglo-allied army under the command of the Duke of Wellington, and a Prussian army under the command of Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher.

2. Pigtails The term pigtail appears in English in the American colonies in the 17th century to describe a twist of chewing tobacco. One of the steps in processing the tobacco was to twist a handful of leaves together to form a compact bunch that would then be cured (dried, either with or without smoking). The term "pigtail" was applied to the bunch based on its resemblance to a twisted pig's tail. From the later 17th century through the 19th century, the term came to be applied to any braided ("plaited", in British parlance) hairstyle. The British army also adopted a single pigtail or "queue" as its standard dress for long hair. British barristers continue to wear a wig with pigtails as a way to hide the hairline in an attempt to provide basic anonymity. Robert Louis Stevenson mentions "pigtail" referring to hair and then to "pigtail tobacco" in the first and fourth chapters of Treasure Island, respectively

3. Blinded by the Light (Manfred Mann, written by Bruce Springsteen) "Blinded by the Light" is a song written and originally recorded by Bruce Springsteen, although it is mostly known by its 1977 #1 hit version recorded by Manfred Mann's Earth Band. Mann's remake was released in the United Kingdom in August 1976, where it reached No. 6 in the BMRB charts.

4. Butterbeer Butterbeer is the drink of choice for younger wizards. Harry is first presented with the beverage in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Although house-elves can become intoxicated on Butterbeer, the amount of alcohol contained in Butterbeer has a negligible effect on Witches and Wizards. J.K. Rowling said in her interview to Bon Appétit magazine that she imagines it "to taste a little bit like less-sickly butterscotch." Butterbeer can be served cold or hot but either way it has a warming effect. Butterbeer was a real drink, the earliest reference to buttered beer is from The Good Huswifes Handmaide for the Kitchin, published in London in 1588, made from beer, sugar, eggs, nutmeg, cloves and butter back in Tudor times. Another old recipe for buttered beer, published by Robert May in 1664 from his recipe book The Accomplisht Cook, calls for liquorice root and aniseed to be added. British celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal recreated the drink for his show "Heston's Tudor Feast."

5. 6 hours 55 minutes. (Trent Grimsey, 2012) Trent Grimsey is an Australian competitive swimmer. He won the silver medal in the 25 kilometer open water at the 2009 World Aquatics Championships in Rome. He also finished 8th in the 10 km event. Two years later he finished fifth in the 25 km at the 2011 World Aquatics Championships in Shanghai. On 8 September 2012, Grimsey became the world record holder for the fastest crossing of the English Channel with a time of 6 hours and 55 minutes, breaking the previous record held by Bulgarian Petar Stoychev by 2 minutes. Grimsey participated in several freestyle events in the pool at the 2006 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. In 2008 he missed Olympic qualification in the 1500 meter by finishing third at the Australian trials in Sidney

6. Pampas The Pampas (from Quechua pampa, meaning "plain") are fertile South American lowlands, covering more than 750,000 km2 (289,577 sq mi), that include the Argentine provinces of Buenos Aires, La Pampa, Santa Fe, Entre Ríos and Córdoba; most of Uruguay; and the southernmost Brazilian State, Rio Grande do Sul. These vast plains are a natural region only interrupted by the low Ventana and Tandil hills near Bahía Blanca and Tandil (Argentina), with a height of 1,300 m (4,265 ft) and 500 m (1,640 ft), respectively.

7. Two answers. 'Massachusetts' and 'New York Mining Disaster 1941'

8. Madagascar

9. Etymological or Etymology dictionary The word etymology is derived from the Greek word etymologia, itself from etymon, meaning "true sense", and the suffix -logia, denoting "the study of". In linguistics, the term etymon is used to refer to a word or morpheme from which a later word is derived. For example, Latin candidus, which means "white", is the etymon of English candid.

10. Bonneville The Bonneville Salt Flats is a densely packed salt pan in Tooele County in northwestern Utah. The area is a remnant of the Pleistocene Lake Bonneville and is the largest of many salt flats located west of the Great Salt Lake. The property is public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management and is known for land speed records at the "Bonneville Speedway". Access is free and visitors can drive on the flats.

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