Africa Quiz 2

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1. What is the name of the mountain that overlooks Cape town?

2. By what name is Southern Rhodesia now known?

3. Which lake is bordered by Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania?

4. What was the name of the secret terrorist society in Kenya in the 50?s

5. What sea separates the northeast coast of Africa from Saudi Arabia?

6. What is the capital of Zambia?

7. To which country did Angola once belong?

8. Which country produced the athlete Said Aouita?

9. Who preceded F.W. De Klerk as president of South Africa?

10. Which African desert is home of the bushmen?

11. The names of which three African countries begin with the letter Z?

12. What covers 85% of Algeria?

13. Famine in which country triggered the Band Aid Charity?

14. What do the initials OAU stand for?

15. Of which country is Ouagadougou the capital?

16. What is the Harmattan?

17. Which is further west, Uganda or Kenya?

18. Which country used to be called South West Africa?

19. Which substance, used to make a drink, is Ghana's main export?


1. Table Mountain

2. Zimbabwe

3. Victoria

4. The Mau Mau

5. The Red Sea

6. Lusaka

7. Portugal

8. Morocco

9. P.W. Botha

10. The Kalahari

11. Zambia, Zimbabwe, Zaire

12. Sahara Desert

13. Ethiopia

14. Organization of African Unity

15. Burkina Faso

16. A wind

17. Uganda

18. Namibia

19. Cocoa


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