France Quiz 1

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1. In which town were the French popes located?

2. Was Napoleon born in Ajaccio or Nice or Naples?

3. Which is the oldest city in France?

4. "Des Chiffres et des Lettres" is the original version of which game show shown on British Channel 4?

5. How many King Louis ruled France?

6. Who succeeded General De Gaulle as French president in 1969?

7. Which  French leader had pope Pius 7 arrested in 1808?

8. The treaty of Bretigny was a treaty that saw France paying the ransom for which king of England?

9. Which famous Paris Art gallery was the dwelling of kings before Versailles?

10. What is the name of the Paris cathedral?


1. Avignon

2. Ajaccio

3. Marseilles

4. Countdown

5. 18

6. George Pompidou

7. Napoleon

8. St John

9. The Louvre

10. Notre Dame


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