United Kingdom Quiz 1

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1. Where Would You Find Landseers Lions ?

2. Which Scot Was Given The Freedom Of Manchester On 28/02/2000?

3. What Society Was Founded In 1935 To Conserve The Countryside And Ensure Footpaths Remain Open ?

4. In Which English County Is Cranwell, Home Of The Raf College?

5. Which City Is Linked To Liverpool By A 127 Mile Canal Although It Is Only 73 Miles Away If You Go Via The M62 ?

6. Where In London Did Macdonalds Open Its 1000th Restraunt In 2000 ?

7. In Which City In Britain Is Spa Railway Station ?

8. Where Is England?s Second Largest Cathedral ?

9. In Which Year Were L Plates Made Compulsory In Britain? One Point If You Are Five Years Either Way ?

10. What National Holiday Was First Celebrated In England In 1974 ?


1. At The Bottom Of Nelson?s Column

2. Sir Alex Ferguson

3. The Ramblers Association

4. Lincolnshire

5. Leeds

6. Millennium Dome

7. Bath

8. York

9. 1935

10. New Years Day


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