Geography Quiz 11

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Geography Quiz1. What is the official language of San Marino?

2. In which country is the delta of the Niger river?

3. Turnhouse airport serves which Scottish city?

4. Which us state is renowned for its Black Hills?

5. What colour is the cross on the Greek flag?

6. The Cayman Islands are situated in which sea?

7. Which county was formed in 1974 when Cumberland was merged with Westmoreland and part of Lancashire?

8. The lotus flower is the national symbol of which country?

9. Which Italian cathedral has 4400 statues?

10. In what ocean are the Seychelles?

11. Which two symbols appear on the Turkish flag?

12. On which English river is the port of Immingham?

13. Which country has the letter 'RO' on its international registration plate?

14. Of which Australian State is Melbourne the capital?

15. The Chiltern Hills spread over which two counties?

16. In which city would you find the Gare du Nord railway station?

17. The six counties is a term used to describe where?

18. What two countries were known as 'The Yellow Peril' in then 1890's?

19. What city was besieged for 880 days during World War II?


1. Italian

2. Nigeria

3. Edinburgh

4. South Dakota

5. White

6. Caribbean

7. Cumbria

8. India

9. Milan

10. Indian

1. Moon and star

12. Humber

13. Romania

14. Victoria

15. Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire

16. Paris

17. Northern Ireland

18. China and Japan

19. Leningrad


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