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Geography Quiz1. Which dry white wine is produced from grapes grown in the Loire Valley?

2. Which is England?s largest county?

3. What is the collective name for Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode island and Connecticut?

4. Which North African country uses the Dirham as its unit of currency?

5. Which islands were the subject of a war between Argentina and Britain in 1982?

6. In which European city is the headquarters of the Red Cross?

7. Which association was established in 1963 to eradicate colonialism, and improve economic, cultural and political co-operation in Africa? UNESCO, OAU, UNICEF, KITA, ABTA

8. Which is the largest and deepest of the Great lakes of North America?

9. Which British island in the South Atlantic takes its name from the day of the year on which it was discovered in 1501?

10. What is Annapurna?

11. Which city 3000ft above sea level, is the centre of Brazils coffee industry?

12. On which island does the city of Copenhagen stand?

13. Which Italian city, famous for its art and architecture is the capital of Tuscany?

14. After which French king was the state of Louisiana named?

15. Which sea off the Canadian Coast was named after a British Admiral who also gave his name to a well known scale?

16. Which city in Michigan is nicknamed ?Motor City??

17. What is the Muslim equivalent of the Red Cross aid agency?

18. Which sultanate is bordered on all sides by the Sarawak territory of Malaysia?

19. What is the usual name for the sea of Cortes?

20. Which area of France is known for the breeding of white horses and black bulls?


1. Muscadet

2. North Yorkshire

3. New England

4. Morocco

5. Falklands

6. Geneva

7. OAU

8. Superiour

9. Ascension

10. A mountain in the Himalayas

11. Sao Paulo

12. Zealand

13. Florence

14. Louis XIV

15. Beaufort Sea

16. Detroit

17. Red Crescent

18. Brunei

19. Gulf Of California

20. Carmargue


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