France Quiz 2

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1. What did the Romans call France?

2. Who led the Free French Army in the WW2 and later became President?

3. In which year did the communards take over Paris? a) 1789, b) 1849 or c) 1870?

4. What is the Sorbonne?

5. Which French city was the popes seat in the middle ages?

6. Who is the only Frenchman to have been Formula 1 motor racing champion?

7. What is the highest point in France?

8. What river in Northern France was the setting for one of the bloodiest battles of WW I?

9. What was the last part of what is now France to have been ruled by the English?

10. What is the English name for that which the French call "Capeau Anglais"?


1. Gaul.

2. General Charles De Gaulle.

3. 1870, during the Franco-Prussian war.

4. University (of Paris)

5. Avignon.

6. Alain Prost.

7. Mont Blanc.

8. Somme

9. Calais, which the French took in 155

10. A French Letter. Doctor Condom, was thought to be French by the English and to be English by the French.


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