Geography Quiz 13

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Geography Quiz1. Of which island group is Luzon the largest?

2. What is the capital of the US state of Massachusetts?

3. With what country would you associate Blue Mountain Coffee?

4. Which Chinese river is also known as the Hwang Ho?

5. Which river has lake Tana as it?s source?

6. What is the capital of Bavaria?

7. On which island is the resort of Cowes?

8. Which US city contains the residential area of Bel Aire

9. In which Ocean are the Mariana islands?

10. In the bay of which city is the prison on the island of Robben?

11. What is the capital of Peru?

12. Which 3 countries make up the Benelux countries?

13. Name the town in the Ukraine where an atomic plant disaster occurred in 1986?

14. In which sea are the Balearic Isles?

15. Which country flies the Viasa airline

16. Which Village in Somerset is famous for its caves and Cheese?

17. Which is the southern most of the World?s capital cities?

18. Which European country has the most road deaths per annum?

19. What is the capital of Western Australia?

20. Which is colder The North Pole, or The South Pole?  


1. Philippines

2. Boston

3. Jamaica

4. Yellow River

5. Blue Nile

6. Munich

7. Isle of White

8. Los Angeles

9. Pacific

10. Cape Town

11. Lima

12. Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

13. Chernobyl

14. Mediterranean

15. Venezuela

16. Cheddar

17. Wellington, New Zealand

18. France

19. Perth

20. South Pole


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