London Quiz 2

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1. By what name is the New Palace of Westminster more commonly known?

2. On London Underground maps, which line is always coloured yellow?

3. Where would you find the whispering gallery?

4. The Pearly Kings and Queens are the most famous inhabitants of which part of London?

5. On which London street would you find the Prime Ministers official residence?

6. Londons Tavistock square has 2 statues dedicated to which great figure in Indian history?

7. Which London tube line is coloured Green on the underground map?

8. what have The Palace, the Phoenix and the Piccadilly in common?

9. Which London street is named after a fictional French ?migr? from Charles Dickens?s novel, A Tale Of Two Cities?

10. Name London?s largest meat market which is also the largest covered-in market in the world?  


1. The Houses Of Parliament

2. Circle Line

3. The dome of St Paul?s Cathedral

4. Lambeth

5. Downing Street

6. Mahatma Ghandi

7. District

8. Theatres

9. Manette Street

10. Smithfield


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