World Politics Quiz 1

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1. Who was in office as President of the United States when the decision was taken to declare war on Germany during World War I?

2. Who was the architect of the British National Health Service?

3. Who was hailed as the founder of the Mongol Empire?

4. Which Canadian newspaper magnate held important Government Offices in England during World War I and World War 11?

5. Josip Broz led the Communist partisans to victory against foreign occupation forces in Yugoslavia during the Second World War. By what name was he later better known?

6. Which British statesman led his party to victory in the 1959 elections on the slogan 'You have never had it so good'?

7. Who, at the age of forty-three, became the world?s first female President and the youngest Head of State :in Latin America in the seventies?

8. Who was a Minister of Labour 1929-31 and the first woman to enter the Cabinet and be a member of the Privy Council?

9. Who was the 18th century Irish politician who was called the Liberator?

10. Which former American President left behind an immortal souvenir -the teddy -which was named after him?

11. Which two men were awarded the Nobel Peace Price in 1993?

12. She was the leader of the British movement for  female suffrage. In 1903 she founded the Women's Political Union which agitated for votes for women, but died in 1928 just before full voting rights were granted. Who was she?

13. He was Emperor of Ethiopia from 1930 until his dethronement in 1974, with the exception of 1936-41 (the Italian occupation). He was a founder of the Organisation of African Unity. Who was he?

14. Who was the President of the NUM at the time of the strikes in the 1980s?

15. He was born in Poland and emigrated to Palestine in 1906. He became the first Prime Minister of the State of Israel. Who was he?

16. Who was known as the Iron Chancellor?

17. A Norwegian politician became a puppet leader of his country during World War II and his name became a byword for treachery .Who was he?

18. What were the early occupations of the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini?

19. He was the son of a Siberian peasant and became the most influential person at the court of Tsar Nicholas II. He was widely thought to have magical powers and was assassinated in 1916. What was his name?

20. Who was the Prime Minister of Great Britain when Edward VIII abdicated the throne in 1936?


1. Woodrow Wilson

2. Aneurin Bevin

3. Genghis Khan

4. Lord Beaverbrook

5. President Tito

6. Harold Macmillan

7. Isabel Peron

8. Margaret Grace Bondfield

9. Daniel O'Connell

10. Theodore Roosevelt

11. Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk 

12. Emmeline Pankhurst

13. Haile Selassie

14. Arthur Scargill

15. David Ben Gurion

16. Bismarck

17. Vidkun Quisling

18. Teacher and Journalist

19. Rasputin

20. Stanley Baldwin


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