World Politics Quiz 2

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1. What was the name of the Cuban President over thrown by Fidel Castro in 1959?

2. For what was Nancy Astor famous?

3. Mahatma Gandhi qualified in England for which profession before practising in South Africa?

4. Who was the American Negro leader assassinated at Memphis, Tennessee, in 1968?

5. He was brought up in Scotland where he worked the mines by day and studied by night. He was an energetic union worker and formed the Labour Party in 1889. He became the first independent Labour MP in Britain. Who was he?

6. What was the name of the suffragette who threw herself in front of King George V's horse during the Derby in 1913?

7. George Washington was the first American President of the United States of America. Who was second?

8. Who was known as the Welsh Wizard?

9. What was the name of the dictator of Haiti who was known as Papa Doc?

10. Which leader's statue was pulled down   in Red Square in 1991?

11. Who was known by the nickname The Great Commoner?

12. Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) had the first woman head of government. Who was she?

13. Which wife of a politician said in 1981, 'Woman is like a teabag: you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in the hot water'?

14. Which leader of the Russian revolution became first Soviet Commissar for Foreign Affairs but was expelled from the Communist Party in 1927 and was assassinated in Mexico in 1940?

15. Who was assassinated whilst sailing from Mullaghmore in Ireland in 1979?

16. What was the name of the woman who married Adolph Hitler shortly before they both committed suicide?

17. The 25th President of the USA had the highest peak in North America named after him. Can you name him?

18. He was a Spanish hero who, before he was 20, led a Spanish force against the Moors and drove them out of Spain. He is celebrated in poem and romance. Who was he?

19. Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, the revolutionary hero, took part in guerrilla wars in Cuba and was killed fighting Bolivian troops, but what nationality was he?

20. Who became Prime Minister of Great Britain when he was only twenty-four years old, the youngest person ever to be offered this post?  


1. General Batista

2. She was the first woman MP in Britain

3. Law

4. Martin Luther King

5. James Keir Hardie

6. Emily Davidson

7. John Adams

8. David Lloyd George

9. Francois Duvalier

10. Lenin's

11. William Pitt the Elder

12. Mrs Bandaranaike

13. Nancy Reagan

14. Leon Trotsky

15. Earl Mountbatten

16. Eva Braun

17. William McKinley

18. El Cid

19. Argentinean

20. William Pitt the Younger


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