1970s Quiz 3

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1. Name the year: Colin Todd was named footballer of the year, Ray Reardon was snooker world champion, and Arthur Ashe became the first black Wimbledon champion?

2. Which gymnast scored the first perfect ten in Olympic history?

3. Who was the first WBC heavyweight boxing champion in 1978?

4. How many coloured squares are on a Rubik cube?

5. Boot, battleship, dog, racing car, and flat iron. Which monopoly token is missing?

6. In which year did the children?s toy clackers first hit the shops- 1971, 1973 or 1975?

7. What was the junior version of the chopper bike called?

8. If all the tiles were used in a game of scrabble, how many squares would remain uncovered?

9. Which member of the blue peter team was once knocked out by a flying marrow?

10. Which sci-fi monsters are said to have been named after the letters on an encyclopaedia spine?

11. Who was the original twirling hostess of the generation game?

12. How many milk bottles are standing on the porch when Fred Flintstone puts out the cat?

13. Who was the first person to host crackerjack?

14. Which song contains the lyrics: ?we don?t need no education, we don?t need no thought control??

15. Which colour lady provided a hit for David Soul in 1977?

16. What was the name of Elvis Costello?s backing group?

17. In which year were the top 75 singles in the UK first listed?

18. Which group was made up of a cowboy, an Indian, a policeman, a biker, a GI and a builder?

19. With which doubles partner did John McEnroe have most success?

20. Which Briton was the f1 world champion motor racing driver in 1971 and 1973?


1. 1975

2. Nadia Comaneci

3. Ken Norton

4. 54

5. Top hat

6. 1971

7. Chipper

8. 125

9. John Noakes

10. Darleks

11. Anthea Redfern

12. One

13. Eamonn Andrews

14. Another Brick In The Wall (Pink Floyd)

15. Silver

16. The Attractions

17. 1978

18. Village People

19. Peter Fleming

20. Jackie Stewart


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