1980s Quiz 4

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1) Who became president of the Philippines in 1986?

2) In which Beijing Square were the 1989 protests crushed by tanks?

3) Which cathedral was badly damaged by lightning in July 1984?

4) What was abolished by France in 1981, The Netherlands in 1982, Australia in 1985 and New Zealand in 1989?

5) What sank in the Solent in 1545 and was raised in 1982?

6) What year did Britain suffer its worst storm since records began?

7) In which harbour did an explosion take place aboard the Greenpeace ship ?Rainbow Warrior? in 1985?

8) Which year did the SAS storm the Iranian Embassy in London?

9) In 1984, who was the WPC shot dead outside the Libyan Peoples Bureau in London?

10) Which president was overthrown in the Philippines in 1986?


1) Cory Aquino

2) Tiananmen Square

3) York Minister

4) The Death Penalty

5) The Mary Rose

6) 1987

7) Auckland

8) 1980

9) Yvonne Fletcher

10) Marcos  


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