1960s Quiz 4

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1. What year was Prince Charles invested as Prince Of Wales?

2. Which Pop Group?s original name was ?Pete Novak and the Heartbeats??

3. By what name did Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore become known in 1963?

4. Which model was voted the face of 1966?

5. Which country singer was killed in a plane crash in 1964?

6. Benjamin Britten?s war Requiem was first performed at the consecration of which Cathedral in 1962?

7. Which lord led the inquiry into the 1963 Profumo affair?

8. on 23rd April 1964, who became the first commoner to appear on a Royal Mail presentation stamp pack?

9. What year did the unsuccessful Bay of Pigs invasion by US-backed troops take place?

10. Which brand of toothpaste was advertised on television as having a ring of confidence?

11. Who defeated Richard Nixon to become US president in 1960?

12. In what year did Marilyn Monroe die?

13. Who became leader of the Labour Party in 1963?

14. Which model was know as ?The Shrimp??

15. What type of animal was Goldie who made the headlines by escaping from London Zoo?

16. Ian Smith declared independence fore which country in the sixties?

17. Who led ?The Family? in the Sharon Tate murder?

18. Which politician was involved in a famous road accident at Chappaquidick?

19. Who became the first Woman Prime Minister of Israel?

20. In which country did soviet tanks crush the Dubchek reforms in the Sixties?


1. 1969

2. Herman?s Hermits

3. Malaysia

4. Twiggy

5. Jim Reeves

6. Coventry

7. Lord Denning

8. William Shakespeare

9. 1961

10. Colgate

11. John F Kennedy

12. 1962

13. Harold Wilson

14. Jean Shrimpton

15. Eagle

16. Rhodesia

17. Charles Manson

18. Edward Kennedy

19. Golda Meir

20. Chezoslovakia


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