1990s Quiz 4

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1. Fernando Henrique Cardosa became which South American?s countries president in 1995?

2. In which country was the world?s tallest structure until it collapsed during renovation in 1991?

3. In March 1995, who became the first Western Leader to officially meet with Yasser Arafat in Gaza?

4. What did the Queen and president Mitterand of France open on 6th May 1994?

5. Who became the Irish president in 1990?

6. The founder?s grandson of which fashion house was murdered in Milan in March 1995?

7. Which of the Kray twins died in march 1995?

8. Which inquiry was headed by Sir Richard Scott?

9. Which new P & O cruise liner was named by the Queen on 6th April 1995?

10. What year was the Grand National abandoned after 2 false starts?  


1. Brazil

2. Poland

3. John Major

4. The Channel Tunnel

5. Mary Robinson


7. Ronald

8. Arms to Iraq


10. 1993  


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