1970s Quiz 4

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1. Name the dam on the river Nile that was completed in 1970?

2. Which English daily newspaper became a tabloid in 1971?

3. Which new tax was first levied in the united kingdom on April 1st 1973?

4. Name the bomb developed in 1977 which kills people but leaves buildings intact?

5. In which 1979 science fiction film was the only human survivor called Ripley?

6. In 1972, author Clifford Irving was jailed for 30 months for writing a fake biography of which millionaire?

7. Which company developed the first automatic focus camera in 1976?

8. England Cricketers each scored their 100th first class century in 1977. One was Geoffrey Boycott, who was the other?

9. Journalists Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward were awarded the Pulitzer prize in 1973 for exposing which scandal?

10. In January 1970, which African state that claimed independence in may 1967, capitulated to the Nigerian government?  

11. Which Spaniard won a British open at golf?

12. Who did Ted Heath replace as British Prime Minister?

13. The song bright eyes was about what type of animal?

14. Bobby fisher became champion at which game?

15. In 1976 Jeremy Thorpe resigned as leader of which party?

16. Whom did Princess Anne marry in 1973?

17. Second division Sunderland beat which soccer giants to win the FA cup?

18. Haile Selassie was deposed in which country?

19. Which British athlete broke three world records in six weeks?

20. The monarchy returned to Spain after the death of which general?

21. Who was the original twirling hostess of the generation game?

22. How many milk bottles are standing on the porch when Fred Flintstone puts out the cat?

23. Who was the first person to host crackerjack?

24. Which song contains the lyrics: ?we don?t need no education, we don?t need no thought control??

25. Which colour lady provided a hit for David Soul in1977?

26. What was the name of Elvis Costello?s backing group?

27. In which year were the top 75 singles in the UK first listed?

28. Which group was made up of a cowboy, an Indian, a policeman, a biker, a GI and a builder?

29. With which doubles partner did John McEnroe have most success?

30. Which Briton was the f1 world champion motor racing driver in 1971 and 1973?


1. Aswan High Dam

2. Daily Mail

3. Value Added Tax

4. Neutron Bomb

5. Alien

6. Howard Hughes

7. Konica

8. John Edrich

9. Watergate

10. Biafra  

11. Seve Ballesteros

12. Harold Wilson

13. Rabbit

14. Chess

15. Liberal Party

16. Captain Mark Phillips

17. Leeds United

18. Ethiopia

19. Sebastian Coe

20. Franco

21. Anthea Redfern

22. One

23. Eamonn Andrews

24. Another Brick In The Wall (Pink Floyd)

25. Silver

26. The Attractions

27. 1978

28. Village People

29. Peter Fleming

30. Jackie Stewart


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