History Quiz 26

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1. Which President of the USSR encouraged the policy of Glassnost?

2. Name the commoner who ruled England in 1658-59.

3. In which American city was the world's first skyscraper built in 1885?

4. Name the only boxer to knock out Mohammed Ali

5. Name the South African surgeon who carried out the first heart transplant operation.

6. The revolutionary newspaper, Pravda was first published in 1912...but WHERE?

7. What was the American codename for the development of the atom bomb?

8. Which airline owned the jet that exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988?

9. Which book catapulted Germaine Greer to fame?

10. What was the given name of Stalin's daughter who defected to the US in 1967?  


1. Mr Gorbachov

2. Richard Cromwell

3. Chicago

4. Larry Holmes in 1980

5. Dr Christian Barnard

6. Russia

7. Manhatton Project

8. Pan Am

9. The Female Eunuch

10. Svetlana


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