World War I Quiz 1

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1. Where was the armistice signed after the end of the war?

2. Who commanded the British fleet at the Battle of Jutland?

3. At which battle were the tanks first used?

4. Which British liner did a German U ? boat sink on May 5th 1915?

5. Which French hero of World War I was tried for treason after World War II?

6. Which German Military leader of World War I became President of Germany in 1925?

7. Where was the German fleet scuttled in 1919?

8. Who became German chief of staff in 1916 , directing the German war effort alongside Hindenburg?

9. At which battle was poison gas first used?

10. Which French general dictated the term of allied victory (World War I)?  


1. Railway Carriage at Compiegne

2. John Jellicoe

3. Somme , 1916

4. Lusitania

5. Petain

6. Paul Von Hindenburg

7. Scapa Flow

8. Eric Ludendorff

9. Ypres, 1915

10. Ferdinand Foch


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