Science History Quiz 1

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History1. Who was hit on the head by a falling apple and so discovered Gravity?

2. Who proposed his theory of Relativity?

3. Whose theory placed the sun at the centre of the solar system?

4. Who first developed the theory of Evolution by natural selection?

5. Who turned a telescope on the stars, saw sunspots, and spent his final years under house arrest?

6. Robert Oppenheimer is best remembered for his work on what?

7. Which metaphysician developed the theory of calculus at the same time as did Newton?

8. Who developed the modern system of classifying plants and animals?

9. Who discovered X-rays?

10. Who proposed the periodic table of chemical elements?  


1. Issac Newton

2. Albert Einstein

3. Copernicus

4. Charles Darwin

5. Galileo

6. The Atomic Bomb

7. Leibniz

8. Linnaeus

9. Roentgen

10. Mendelev


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