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History1. For what event in history is baker Thomas Farynor known?

2. What nationality was Christopher Columbus?

3. Who is credited with introducing the Red Rose to represent The Labour Party?

4. Who in 1961 made the first space flight?

5. Who was the American President when the Berlin Wall was constructed?

6. What was the Roman name for Scotland?

7. What was the first country to issue postage stamps?

8. What famous building did John Nash rebuild in 1825?

9. Who was the first American President to resign from office?

10. Which country has the world's oldest flag?

11. Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

12. How many Tolpuddle Martyrs were there?

13. Which English king was killed at the Battle Of Bosworth Field?

14. In which decade did the Berlin airlift begin?

15. What was the hot news of 1666?

16. Stanley Baldwin was the only prime minister during the reign of which king?

17. Who was Henry VIII?s second wife?

18. Winston Churchill won the Nobel Peace Prize. True or false?

19. During which decade did all women first get the vote in the UK ?

20. Who took the throne after Queen Victoria?  


1. The Great Fire Of London

2. Italian

3. Peter Mandelsson

4. Yuri Gagarin

5. John F Kennedy

6. Caledonia

7. Great Britain

8. Buckingham Palace

9. Richard Nixon

10. Denmark

11. Michelangelo

12. Six

13. Richard III

14. 1940s (1948)

15. Great Fire Of London

16. Edward VIII

17. Anne Boleyn

18. False, he won the Nobel Literature Prize.

19. 1920s  (1928)

20. Edward VII


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