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History1. In December 1773 in America, the cargoes of three ships were thrown overboard by protestors disguised as red Indians. What is the popular name for this event?

2. Who was responsible for reducing the Crimean war death rate from 42% to 2%?

3. What material was banned after the 1745 Jacobite rebellion until 1782?

4. After the invasion of Poland, which was the next country to be invaded by the Germans in World War II?

5. Who crowned napoleon Bonaparte emperor in 1804?

6. Which battle of 1066 shares its name with a premier league football ground?

7. What country declared war on both Germany and the allies in world war II ?

8. Which country played host to the battle Of Waterloo?

9. The development of what in World War II was Code-named ?the Manhattan project??

10. At which location was the Magna Carta signed?

11. Which French revolutionary was nicknamed "The Sea Green Incorruptible"?

12. Which battle of 1746 ended the Jacobite revolution?

13. Which earl was known as "The Kingmaker" during the War of the Roses?

14. Which country presented the Statue of Liberty to the U.S.A?

15. Who was the British Prime Minister at the start of the 20th century?

16. Which Cardinal gave Hampton Court Palace to Henry VIII?

17. Who did Henry Stanley meet at Ujiji on 10th November 1871?

18. Warren Hastings was the first governor-general of which country?

19. Which King had been Prince of Wales for 60 years before his Coronation?

20. Which is the oldest university in England?  


1. The Boston Tea Party

2. Florence Nightingale

3. Tartan

4. Denmark

5. He Crowned Himself

6. Stamford Bridge

7. Italy

8. Belgium

9. The Atom Bomb

10. Runnymede

11. Robespierre

12. Culloden

13. Earl of Warwick

14. France

15. Lord Salisbury

16. Cardinal Wolsey

17. Dr. Livingstone

18. India

19. Edward VII

20. Oxford University


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