History Quiz 17

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History1. Where did the notorious murderer Michael Ryan live?

2. Who had a horse called Beaucephalus?

3. Name the 2 countries that joined the EEC at the same time as Britain?

4. Who did Jimmy Carter succeed as President of the United States?

5. The Gossamer Albatross achieved which first in 1979?

6. Name the Irish swimmer who won 3 gold medals in the 1996 Olympics?

7. Which electrician won the 1983 Nobel Peace Prize?

8. In what year did the Korean war end?

9. Who was the president at the onset of the American Civil War?

10. Which ex-statesman, born in Umtata, in 1918, was imprisoned in Robben Island Prison, Cape Town from 1962 to 1990?  


1. Hungerford

2. Alexander The Great

3. Denmark & Eire (Now Republic Of Ireland)

4. Gerald Ford

5. 1st Human Powered Aircraft To Cross The English Channel

6. Michelle Smith

7. Lech Walesa

8. 1953

9. Abraham Lincoln

10. Nelson Mandela


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