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History1. Which country was obviously discovered on a Sunday by Christopher Colombus?

2. Which power hungry leader was the only person in the last 201 years to have arrested a Pope and kept him in detention for three years?

3. Plus or minus 400 years, when did the iron age displace the bronze age?

4. In the first half of the 17th century (1600-1650) which European country controlled two thirds of the world's trade?   
    a. England  
    b. France  
    c. Spain  
    d. Netherlands

5. Where did the 80 cubit high unmoving Greek god Helios stand guard?

6. Which time-saving dizzy girl was first put to work by James Hargreaves in 1764?

7. A tropical storm destroyed Kubla Khan's fleet that was attempting to invade Japan in 1274. The Japanese were so thrilled they called the storm a 'heavenly wind'. What is the well known Japanese word for 'heavenly wind'?

8. Which fragile hand-made products were wood workers from Cremona famous for?

9. Which art-deco skyscraper was the first to exceed 1,000 ft. in 1930, only to be 'topped' one year later by the Empire State building?

10. Which two countries were involved in each of the following silly wars?  
    a. Cod  
    b. Football


1. Dominica

2. Napoleon.  He had Pope Pius VII arrested in Rome in 1809

3. Around 800 BC

4. d. Netherlands

5. Rhodes. The coloss of Rhodes was a statue of Helios at the harbour mouth.

6. 'Spinning Jenny'

7. Kamikaze

8. Violins  (Stradivari and Amati are two well-known examples)

9. Chrysler building

10. Two Answers
    a. Iceland and the UK  
    b. El Salvador and Honduras


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