1980s Quiz 3

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1. Who was Leonid Brezhnev?s successor in 1984?

2. Who was British Defence Secretary at the time of the Falklands war?

3. What year did the Big Bang Liberalisation of the London Stock Exchange take place?

4. What succeeded the British CSE and GCE in 1988?

5. Which London market relocated to the Isle of Dogs in 1982?

6. Which Russian word meaning ?Speaking Aloud? was a policy of Mikhail Gorbachev in order liberalise various aspects of Soviet life?

7. What year was Satellite television introduced into Britain?

8. Which 2 countries joined the EC in 1986?

9. In which year did Burma change its name to Myanmar?

10. Which year is associated with the Eurythmics song ?Sexcrime??  


1. Yuri Andropov

2. John Nott

3. 1986


5. Billinsgate Fish Market

6. Glasnost

7. 1989

8. Portugal And Spain

9. 1989

10. 1984


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