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History1. With his experiments using 'Magdeburg Hemispheres' in the 1650's, Otto von Guericke proved who doesn't abhor what?

2. What was the name of Picasso's famous painting which was an outcry against fachist aggression in Spain?

3. Which sad superlative does one associate with the death of Pte. Henry Gunther at 10.59 am?

4. The Celts believed that the major rivers in Europe were the result of what?

5. The death of which famous man does one associate with each of the following dates?  
    a. 21st October 1805  
    b. 28th June 1914  
    c. 30th January 1948  
    d. 16th Aug 1977  
    e. 14th April 1865  
    f. 21st January 1793  
    g. 6th June 1968  
    h. 5th March 1953

6. During the second world war in Germany it was against the law to give a horse which name?

7. Pope Gregory XIII celebrated the murder of an estimated 20,000 people with a 'Te deum' in Rome after the infamous St. Bartholomew's Day massacre in 1572. Which group of people were massacred?

8. Coins from which country were legal tender in the USA until 1857 and Upper Canada until 1860?

9. Why did Louis Washkansky make headlines around the world after the 3rd of December 1967?

10. What kind of abode did the German pedagogue Friedrich Froebel first establish in 1852 for cultivation and development?


1. Nature doesn't abhor a vacuum. First man to artificially create a vacuum, thus disproving the adage, "Nature abhors a vacuum"  from Galileo.

2. Guernica

3. Last allied soldier to die before the 11 am Armistace in WWI.

4. The gods urinating

5. Eight Answers:
    a. Lord Nelson  
    b. Archduke Franz Ferdinand  
    c. Mahatma Gandhi  
    d. Elvis  
    e. Abraham Lincoln  
    f. King Louis XVI  
    g. Sen Robert Kennedy  
    h. Stalin

6. Adolf

7. Huguenots. (French Calvinist protestants)

8. Spain.

9. First man to successfully undergo a heart transplantion.

10. A kindergarten (or kindergarden in English)


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