Conflict and Struggle Quiz 1

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1. Emily Davison was hit by a horse and died, what cause was she trying to promote?

2. Who were the British Empire's original allies in WW1?

3. Where was Hitler when he wrote Mein Kampf?

4. What was the name of the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki?

5. The Eastern region of Nigeria declared Independence in 1968 but was united again in 1970, what was it known as?

6. Under which name do we more commonly know Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov?

7. What popular name was given to the European recovery programme after WWII?

8. Which English speaking country gave women the vote in 1901?

9. The final section of the trans Siberian railway was completed in which year?

10. Britain?s war minister appeared on the famous posters for recruitment for WWI, who was he?  


1. Suffragettes

2. Russia & France

3. In Jail

4. Fat man

5. Biafra

6. Lenin

7. Marshall Plan

8. Australia

9. 1917

10. Lord Kitchener


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