World War II Quiz 1

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1. Who commanded the Eighth Army at El Alamein?

2. Which island was awarded the George Cross for gallantry?

3. In which French area were the D-Day landings?

4. In which year did the German Army invade Russia?

5. In which two Japanese cities were the first 2 atomic bombs dropped?

6. Name either of the two British ships sunk off Malaya three days after Japan entered the war?

7. In which country was the battle of El Alamein?

8. Which officer led the Dambusters?

9. What date is VE-day?

10. What name was given to the dead man, deliberately dropped into the sea to be found by German agents, who carried false papers to deceive the Axis powers about Allied intentions to attack Europe?  

11. Which football club?s ground was used as a prisoner of war camp until May 1945 during the second World War?

12. What was the name of the French underground movement that fought against the Germans in World War II?

13. Which famous World War II general, who just before retreating from the Philippines in 1942 said, ?we shall return??


1. General Montgomery

2. Malta

3. Normandy

4. 1941

5. Hiroshima and Nagasaki

6. HMS Repulse or HMS Prince of Wales

7. Egypt

8. Wing Commander Guy Gibson

9. 9th May 1945

10. The Man Who Never Was

11. Swindon Town

12. The Maquis

13. General Douglas MacArthur


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