Irish History Quiz 3

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The following quiz round was submitted by Sean Mc Carron from the UK. Many thanks Sean, great job!

History1. In what year was the Easter Rising?

2. The English Pale surrounded which city?

3. In which century was the Battle of the Boyne?

4. The Irish Brigade fought in which 20th century civil war?

5. which member of the Irish Government lives in Phoenix Park ?

6. Brian Boru was the first man to hold what title?

7. Which famous Irish siege started on the 18 December 1688 with shutting of the gates and ended with breaking of the boon on the 28 July 1689?

8. Which Oliver Cromwell came to Ireland when? Was it 1625, 1650 or 1675

9. Phytophthora infetans, is the scientific name for what major cause of crisis in Ireland between 1800and 1900?

10. Which Irish President claimed to be a Cuban-American who played rugby for the Munster Provincial Team?


1. April 1916

2. Dublin

3. 17th 1st July 1690

4. The Spanish Civil War

5. ?ras an Uachtar?in is the residence of the President of Ireland and is situated in Phoenix Park.

6. High King of Ireland

7. The Siege of Derry

8. Oliver Cromwell re-conquered Ireland in 1649-1653 on behalf of the English Commonwealth.

9. Potato Blight  was the cause of 'An Gorta Mor','the Grate Hunger' or the Famine

10. ?amon de Valera, born George de Valero (14 October 1882 ? 29 August 1975)De Valera was born in the New York Nursery and Child's Hospital in New York City in 1882 to an Irish mother; he stated that his parents, Catherine Coll de Valera Wheelwright, an immigrant from Bruree, County Limerick, and Juan Vivion de Valera, a Spanish-Cuban settler and sculptor, were married on 18 September 1881 at St. Patrick's Church located within the Greenville Section of Jersey City.


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