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History1. To which Royal house did Henry VIII belong

2. During which war were concentration camps first used

3. The Panmunjom talks ended which war

4. In WW2 what were the German tank divisions called

5. The Battle of Agincourt took place during which war

6. In which Indian city was the Union Carbide disaster

7. Which famous historical battle was fought at Senlac Hill?

8. To date how many Labour Prime Ministers have there been?

9. Who was Reichspraesident of Germany before Hitler?

10. Which Scottish castle connected with MacBeth is where the Queen Mother spent her childhood

11. Who was the mother Elizabeth Ist

12. Which British Royal was married on 14th Nov 1973

13. During which battle did Nelson put the telescope to his blind eye

14. Which country is ruled by the House of Orange

15. The invasion of which country by Hitler in 1939 started WW2

16. What was the bombing of London in WW2 generally called?

17. Which historical leader was called the Scourge of God?

18. Who commanded the confederate forces at the battle of Gettysburg

19. Which country was ruled by Idris Ist when it gained independance in 1951

20. Who cut the gordian Knot  


1. Tudor

2. Boer War

3. Korean War

4. Panzers

5. 100 Years War

6. Bophal

7. The Battle of Hastings

8.  Six

9. Hindenburg

10. Glamis Castle

11. Ann Bolyn

12. Princess Anne

13. Battle of Copenhagen

14. Holland

15. Poland

16. The Blitz

17. Attila The Hun

18. Robert E. Lee

19. Libya

20. Alexander the Great


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