Murders and Assassinations Quiz 1

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1. Who was assassinated in Dallas on 22 November 1963?

2. Which playwright was murdered in a Deptford tavern in 1593?

3. Which country?s Prime Minister was Olaf Palme, who was assassinated in 1986?

4. In what district of East London did Jack the Ripper prey on women?

5. Who had 7 members of a rival gang killed on St valentines day 1929?

6. Who wrote ?The murder of Roger Akroyd??

7. What relation was Marvin Gays assassin?

8. Which Shakespearean character is haunted by the ghost of his murdered father?

9. Who was the last woman to be executed in England?

10. Which country?s royal family was killed at Ekaterinburg?  

11. Henri Landrau killed a series of women in France in the early 20th century, what was his nickname?

12. Ethel Le Neve was which murderer?s secretary?

13. Who or what did Lindy Chamberlain claimed had kidnapped her child?

14. Christopher Craig shot a British Policeman in 1952, but who hung for the murder?

15. Which Nazi war criminal was tried and convicted for war crimes in 1961?

16. In cold blood was an account of the murder of the Clutter family in Kansas, who was the writer?

17. The film Summer of Sam released earlier this year is based on the story of which serial killer?

18. Which heiress did the Black Panther Donald Nielson murder?

19. Sharon Tate was murdered by members of the Charles Manson family, who was she married to at the time?


1. John F Kennedy

2. Christopher Marlowe

3. Sweden

4. Whitechappel

5. Al Capone

6. Agatha Christie

7. His father

8. Hamlet

9. Ruth Ellis

10. Russia

11. Bluebeard

12. Dr Crippen

13. Dingo

14. Derek Bentley

15. Adolph Eichman

16. Truman Capote

17. David Berkowitz

18. Leslie Whittle

19. Roman Polanski


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