History Quiz 21

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The following quiz round was submitted by The Judge from the UK.  A round used in one of their quizzes at Bowling Green, Leamington Spa held every Sunday!

Many thanks again your Honour, great job!

1. Which Carthaginian general led his army across the Alps with a contingent of elephants?

2. Which British Admiral defeated the French at Trafalgar, but was killed during the battle?

3. In which decade of the 20th century was Calvin Coolidge President of the USA?

4. What name was given to the stock-market crash which led to the Great Depression in America? Black Monday, Black Tuesday or Black Wednesday?

5. Who was the first man to fly the Atlantic solo?

6. During which year of the twentieth century did the Spanish Civil War begin?

7. Who was shot in the back by Jack McCall in 1876 in the Number 10 Saloon in Deadwood, South Dakota?

8. What was the first machine to use electricity to send messages?

9. In which year did Princess Diana die?

10. Who did Queen Elizabeth I succeed to the throne of England?


1. Hannibal

2. Horatio Nelson

3. 1920s

4. Black Tuesday

5. Charles Lindbergh

6. 1936

7. Wild Bill Hickok

8. The telegraph

9. 1997

10. Mary I


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