History Quiz 2

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History1. Who was the first Danish king of England?

2. Who succeeded Nasser as President of Egypt?

3. Barnes Wallis is credited as the inventor of which military equipment?

4. Irish novelist and poet, born 1882, died 1941

5. It all started in a bakery in Pudding Lane, what?

6. Who was famously assasinated with an Ice Pick in Mexico?

7. Gertrude Ederle was the first woman to do what?

8. Valentina Tereshkova was the first what?

9. Whose face is said to have launched a thousand ships?

10. What was codename of Bob Woodward's Watergate contact?

11. British Honduras is now called what?

12. What Iceni queen fought against the Romans?

13. What did the Nazis plan to flood Britain with in Operation Bernhard?

14. What country was most heavily-bombed in Vietnam war?

15. Which Nazi was tried as the Butcher of Lyon in 1987?

16. Alan Shepard was the first man to do what?

17. Before Gordon Brown, who was the last Scottish Prime Minister of Britain?

18. Whose name, apart from the astronauts', appears on the Apollo 11 plaque on the Moon?

19. Whose name led to policemen in England being called Bobbies?

20. Why did the Roman Catholic church ban Mozart's music?


1. Canute

2. Anwar Sadat

3. The bouncing bomb

4. James Joyce

5. The great fire of London

6. Trotsky

7. Swim the English channel

8. Woman in space

9. Helen of Troy

10. Deep Throat

11. Belize

12. Boadicea

13. Forged Banknotes

14. Cambodia

15. Claus Barbie

16. Hit a golf ball on the moon

17. Tony Blair

18. Richard Nixon

19. Sir Robert Peel

20. He joined the Freemasons


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