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History1. Who was the last British monarch from the House of York?

2. Who was the United States President from 1953 to 1961?

3. In which city was Joan of Arc burnt to death for being a witch?

4. Which Chinese leader established Peking as their winter capital?

5. During which single military action were the most V.C’s won?

6. Which Irish missionary and saint founded a monastery on the island of Iona?

7. Who was king of England at the time of the Gunpowder plot?

8. Whom did James earl ray assassinate?

9. Who was the British Prime Minister when old age pensions were first introduced?

10. Which war did the treaty of Portsmouth end in 1905?  

11. John Alden will go down in history as the first man to do what?

12. What was the Babington Plot?

13. London's Tavistock square has 2 statues dedicated to which great figure in Indian history?

14. Which historical character did Errol Flynn play in the 1041 film ‘They died with their boots on ‘?

15. The 18th Amendment introduced Prohibition in the United States, but which amendment abolished it?

16. At which castle did the investiture of the Prince of Wales take place in 1969?

17. Who was the last British monarch to be born outside the British Isles?

18. How many times did Mary Queen of Scots get married?

19. Who commanded the British forces that captured Quebec from the French in 1759?

20. In which country is the site of the battle of Waterloo?

21. Name Oliver Cromwells successor as Lord Protector?

22. Who was the last Briitsh Monarch whose father had never been King?

23. Of which American tribe was Sitting Bull a member?

24. Who was the last British Chancellor of the Exchequer whose father had held the same post?


1. Richard III

2. Dwight D Eisenhower

3. Rouen

4. Kublai Khan

5. Rourkes Drift

6. St. Columba

7. James I

8. Martin Luther King

9. Herbert Asquith

10. Russo-Japanese war  

11. First of the pilgrim fathers

12. A plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I involving Anthony Babington

13. Mahatma Ghandi

14. General Custer

15. 21st Amendment

16. Caernarvon

17. George II

18. Three Times

19. General Wolfe

20. Belgium

21. Richard Cromwell

22. Edward VII

23. Sioux

24. Winston Churchill


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