Beatles Quiz 2

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1. Who said (not sang) the following and on which album would you find it?
    a: "You become naked"
    b: "The Queen says no to pot smoking FBI members"

2. Which Beatles song is about Paul's mother?

3. In which songs would you find the following lyrics about rain?
    a: "for tomorrow may rain"
    b: "saving up your money for a rainy day"
    c: "the rain washed away"
    d: "like endless rain into a paper cup"
    e: "you get your tan standing in the english rain"
    f: "rain I dont mind"
    g: "wearing raincoats"
    h: "where the rain gets in"
    i: "rain in my heart"
    j: "in the pouring rain"

4. Name the three Beatles' titles with an exclamation mark !!!

5. What is dedicated to Mr Elias Howe ?

6. In which Beatles song would you find the following people:
   a. Mister Wilson
   b. Henry the horse
   c. Billy Shears
   d. Lear
   e. Edgar Allan Poe
   f. Father McKenzie
   g. Chairman Mao
   h. Captain Marvel
   i. Sir Walter Raleigh (git)
   j. Mr. Jones (not Desmond)
   k. The Duchess of Kirkcaldy
   l. Rose and Valerie
   m. Dennis O'Bell
   n. Mother Mary
   o. Loretta Martin
   p. B.B. King
   q. Peter Brown
   r. Sister Pam (not polythene)
   s. Nancy Magill
   t. Mother Superior
   u. Hare Krishna

7. For each of the following sets of lyrics, name the song sung by the Beatles.
    a. You were only waiting for this moment to be free
    b. Sont les mots qui vont tr?s bien ensemble
    c. Well if you're feeling like it, go get your lover and reel and rock it
    d. I got arms that long to hold you, and keep you by my side
    e. The teachers who taught me weren't cool, holding me down, turning me round
    f. Silly people run around they worry me and never ask me why they don't get past my do
    g. When the sun shines they slip into the shade, and sip their lemonade
    h. Now somewhere in the black moutain hills of Dakota
    i. Here come old flattop he come grooving up slowly
    j. We would be warm below the storm in our little hide-a-way beneath the waves
    k. I've got no kick against modern jazz unless they try to play it too darn fast
    l. Sie denkt ja nur an dich, und du solltest zu ihr gehen.
    m. But now she sucks her thumb and wonders by the banks of her own lagoon
    n. We gave her everything we owned just to sit at her table
    o. Of all the love I have won or have lost, there is one love I should never have crossed
    p. And when I touch you I feel happy inside, It's such a feeling
    q. Oh we danced through the night, and we held each other tight
    r. How could she say to me love will find a way? Gather round all you clowns
    s. Send me a postcard, drop me a line, Stating point of view
    t. I look at you all see the love there that's sleeping

8. Which of The Beatles was born with the middle name Winston?

9. What was the title of The Beatles' second film?

10. Where does the nurse sell poppies in the Beatles song Penny Lane?

11. What kind of apple is on The Beatles' Apple label?

12. In the Beatles song 'All You Need Is Love' there are bits and pieces of songs from other composers. Can you name the four songs? One point for each song.

13. Which band did Ringo Starr belong to before joining the Beatles?

14. Which wife of one of the Beatles wrote the book 'Grapefruit'?

15. Which Beatles' studio album includes the song "Drive my Car"?

16. What was the title of the Beatles EP which featured the songs "Your Mother Should Know" and "I Am The Walrus?"

17. Which abnormally elevated mood was first coined by the Daily Mirror newspaper on the 2nd November 1963?


1. Two Answers:
    a: Yoko. White album (in Revolution#9)
    b: John. Let it be. (between the songs "The long and winding road" and "For you blue")

2. Let it be. "mother Mary comes to me". Paul's mother Mary appeared to him once in a dream.

3. Ten Answers:
    a: I'll follow the sun
    b: Ballad of John and Yoko
    c: The long and winding road
    d: Across the universe
    e: I am the walrus
    f: Rain
    g: Two of us
    h: Fixing a hole
    i: Please please me
    j: Penny lane

4. "Help!", "Oh! darling" and "Being for the benifit of Mr Kite!"

5. The film "Help". He invented the sewing machine, 1846

6. Answers:
   a. Taxman
   b. Being for the benifit of Mr. Kite
   c. Sergeant Pepper's lonely hearts club band
   d. Paperback writer
   e. I am the Walrus
   f. Eleanor Rigby
   g. Revolution
   h. The continuing story of Bungalow Bill
   i. I`m so tired
   j. Yer Blues
   k. Cry Baby Cry
   l. Maxwells Silver Hammer
   m. You know my name
   n. Let it be
   o. Get back
   p. Dig it
   q. The ballad of John and Yoko
   r. Mean Mr. Mustard
   s. Rocky Raccoon
   t. Happiness is a warm gun
   u. I am the Walrus or Give peace a chance
7. Answers:
    a. Blackbird
    b. Michelle
    c. Roll Over Beethoven
    d. From Me To You
    e. Getting Better
    f. Fixing a Hole
    g. Rain
    h. Rocky Raccoon
    i. Come Together
    j. Octopus's Garden
    k. Rock and Roll Music
    l. Sie Liebt Dich
    m. She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
    n. Sexy Sadie
    o. I'm a Loser
    p. I Want to Hold Your Hand
    q. I Saw Her Standing There
    r. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
    s. When I'm Sixty-Four
    t. While My Guitar Gently Weeps

8. John Lennon

9. Help!

10. Behind the shelter in the middle of the roundabout

11. Granny Smith

12. 'La Marseillaise' (French national anthem), 'Greensleeves', 'In the Mood' and Bach's 'Brandenburg concertos'.(or Bach's 2 part invention no 8 in F. It is not quite clear)

13. Rory Storm and the Hurricanes

14. Yoko Ono

15. Rubber Soul

16. "Magical Mystery Tour"

17. Beatlemania


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