Famous Quotes Quiz 1

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1. Which composer?s last words were ?I shall hear in heaven??

2. Nicholas I of Russia once said, ?Russia has 2 generals in whom she can confide? to which generals was he referring?

3. Which writer once sent a cable saying, ?Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated??

4. Which film director said in 1960 ?The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder??

5. Which former Tory PM once said in the House of Commons ?the conservative government is an organised hypocrisy?

6. Which film mogul said ?anybody who goes to a psychiatrist ought to have his head examined?/

7. Which writer when stopped at US customs said, ?I have nothing to declare but my genius??

8. Which politician first coined the phrases ?The Gnomes of Zurich? and ?The Pound in your Pocket??

9. Which US comedian said ?I don?t want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve it by not dying??

10. In 1978 which British labour politician referred to having been attacked by Geoffrey Howe as ?rather like being savaged by a sheep??

11. Louis the 18th said ?Punctuality is the politeness of -----------? what?

12. Who said in 1966: ? We are more popular than the Jesus now ??

13. Which footballer scored in the 1986 World Cup by ?The hand of God??

14. Who came to regret saying ?read my lips no new taxes??

15. ?Tomorrow is another day? ends which novel?

16. Who claimed she had been thought of as a ?one act disco dolly who was just going to pop in and pop out ??

17. Whom did Walt Disney confess to love more than ? any woman I?ve ever known??

18. Which book contains the words ?All for one and one for all? ?

19. Who said in 1973 : ?There can be no whitewash at the Whitehouse??


1. Beethoven

2. Generals January and February

3. Mark Twain

4. Alfred Hitchcock

5. Benjamin Disraeli

6. Sam Goldwyn

7. Oscar Wilde

8. Harold Wilson

9. Woody Allen

10. Denis Healey

11. Kings

12. John Lennon

13. Diego Maradona

14. George Bush

15. Gone with the wind

16. Madonna

17. Mickey Mouse

18. The Three Musketeers

19. Richard Nixon


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