Dress and Fashion Quiz 3

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1. Who is credited with inventing Jeans?

2. Which artificial material takes its name from a major US and UK city?

3. Which popular 1960s TV series about the clothing industry starred Reg Varney and Miriam Karlin?

4. Who, on Christian Dior' s death in 1957, took over the Dior fashion house?

5. Which 1994 Robert Altman film is a satire about the fashion business?

6. Which fashion boss was murdered by an assassin in public in 1995 (surname will do)?

7. Why did David and Elizabeth Emanuel make fashion headlines in the 1980s?

8. Which fashion designer once ran a shop in the King's Road with Malcolm McLaren?

9. Which British group had a hit in 1966 with the song Dedicated Follower of Fashion?

10. Which well-known British fashion designer started as a salesgirl in Liberty's before starting her own company in1966?


1. Levi Strauss

2. Nylon (New York, London)

3. The Rag Trade

4. Yves Saint Laurent

5. Pret A Porter

6. Maurizio Gucci (Versace 1997)

7. Designed Princess Dianas Wedding Dress

8. Vivien Westwood

9. The Kinks

10. Jean Muir


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