Kellys Quiz 1

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1. Sam Kelly was a member of the cast of which popular TV comedy series set in wartime?

2. Who, not best known for his acting , played Ned Kelly in a film of the same name?

3. In what game would you come across the term Kelly?s eye?

4. Which political party did Petra Kelly help to found?

5. Which female impersonator had a small hit record in 1969 with the song On Mother Kelly?s Doorstep?

6. Irishman Sean Kelly has achieved success in which sport?

7. Which record by Kelly Marie reached number 2 in 1980?

8. Barbara Kelly and her husband Bernard Braden became well known through their regular appearances on which TV panel game?

9. Which Kelly recently resigned from The Football Association?

10. Kelly mcgillis plays a member of which religious group in the film Witness?


1. Allo Allo

2. Mick Jagger

3. Bingo

4. Green party

5. Danny Le Rue

6. Cycling

7. It feels like I?m in love

8. What?s my line

9. Graham

10. Amish


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